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Welcome to Tomi Sushi Singapore, where your sushi cravings meet their perfect match! If you’re a sushi lover, you’re in for a treat. Dive into the world of exquisite flavors, fresh ingredients, and an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Offerings at Tomi Sushi

Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Experience the artistry of Japanese culinary craftsmanship with our meticulously crafted sushi, sashimi, and signature rolls. Every dish is a masterpiece of taste and presentation.

Fresh and Sustainable Ingredients

We source our ingredients locally, ensuring the freshest and most sustainable seafood and produce. Taste the difference in every bite.

Elegant Dining Atmosphere

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of our restaurant. Whether a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends, Tomi Sushi provides the perfect backdrop for every occasion.

Every bite tells a Tomi Sushi story

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Tomi Sushi goes beyond mere sustenance; it serves as a doorway to culture, cherished memories, and profound connections. The meticulous preparation, communal sharing, and joyful savoring of each dish mirror our diverse world and the narratives woven through our palates. This universal language of flavors knows no boundaries, encouraging us to embark on an exploration, relish every moment, and revel in the vibrant tapestry of tastes that characterize our culinary voyage at Tomi Sushi Singapore.

A journey through Japanese flavors

Tomi Sushi’s specialty lies in its commitment to crafting sushi that is both an art form and a culinary delight. Each bite reveals a harmonious blend of the freshest ingredients, meticulously prepared by our skilled chefs. From classic favorites to innovative creations, our sushi menu is a testament to our dedication to perfection. With every visit, you’ll experience the essence of Japanese cuisine, where tradition meets innovation on a plate, making each meal at Tomi Sushi a special and memorable experience.

Customer Reviews about Tomi Sushi

Tomi Sushi
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Frederick YaoFrederick Yao
10:48 30 May 24
Tomi Sushi @Novena is an absolute gem for anyone who appreciates authentic Japanese cuisine. This no-frills, classic Japanese sushi family restaurant places a strong emphasis on quality, with fresh ingredients imported directly from Japan three to four times a week. The dedication to freshness and quality shines through in every dish they serve.What sets Tomi Sushi apart is its unwavering consistency in both food and service. The team at Tomi Sushi never fails to impress, providing top-notch service that makes you feel valued and welcomed every visit. It's a place where I can confidently bring my family and friends, knowing we will enjoy an outstanding dining experience at a reasonable price.The seasonal offerings are a particular highlight. Whether it's the latest catch of fish, special sake selections, or unique items like imported Japanese eggplants and delicious tako balls, there's always something new and exciting to try. These seasonal specialties keep me coming back month after month for my Japanese cuisine fix.Tomi Sushi’s atmosphere is unpretentious yet warm, perfect for a family gathering or a casual meal with friends. The quality of the sushi and other dishes, combined with the friendly and attentive service, makes every visit a delight. I highly recommend Tomi Sushi @Novena for anyone seeking a reliable, high-quality Japanese dining experience that won’t break the bank.Special mention to John at the sushi bar for always catering to my requests each time.
Alvin YeoAlvin Yeo
21:23 18 May 24
Quite crowded, food is superb. Simply one of the good Japanese restaurant to go for food.
06:40 01 May 24
Food is ok but service can definitely improve in terms of tactfulness. I know restaurant is closing but you don’t have to hound your customer for payment when they are still in the midst of chewing! Cant you wait for a few more minutes and clean up the rest of the restaurant? It is not like your customers can run off without paying.
Maxine ChenMaxine Chen
01:46 01 May 24
A go-to for fresh and delicious Japanese food, especially sashimi. Service is great too - eg once I had to change the details for my reservation a few times and they were super accommodating. Thank you!
15:51 22 Apr 24
Lee EugeneLee Eugene
02:06 18 Mar 24
Soft shell crab is 5 star. Fresh, meaty n juicy. Highly recommended!!
Mandy LimMandy Lim
09:57 17 Mar 24
Came at about 8pm to dine in. Wanted to sit by the window and its sofa seat one lady didn’t allow me & mum to sit there as it is for big groups.Since you’re closing in one hour time, just give the seat to us? Not like you’re gonna have a lot of big groups coming in that 1 hour. Really don’t know how to make a customer happy. Other wise food is great but just overly priced
23:16 07 Mar 24
Would give this 10 stars if possible! Possibly the best Japanese restaurant I’ve ever eaten in. Quality of the food is outstanding. Everything from appetisers to main courses are of the greatest quality and are so fresh. 100% recommend trying this restaurant!
Siewyee BAYSiewyee BAY
13:11 03 Mar 24
Namika UsudaNamika Usuda
08:35 29 Feb 24
The tomatoes in the salad weren't very fresh, but the hot tea came right away, and the tofu hamburger and chawanmushi were both very delicious. The staff was also very helpful. I went in with a stroller.
Andrew GohAndrew Goh
02:37 29 Feb 24
I was quite disappointed with the service here. During lunch with my family of three, we ordered two set meals - a sushi lunch set for $48 and a Nigiri lunch set. The Nigiri set arrived first, but the sushi set only included sushi initially. Despite being told the additional items like soup and chawanmushi would come separately, I had to call twice to receive the remaining sets. Furthermore, I ordered a seasonal grilled fish, but after choosing one type and then another, I was informed they were both unavailable. While the food quality was good, the service could definitely be improved.
Jowe ChuJowe Chu
06:33 16 Feb 24
Yummy sushi and great service.
Khai SKhai S
16:23 12 Feb 24
Fast, efficient and attentive servers. Fresh sushi. Highly recommended to call in and make reservations before you head down for a meal. Thumbs up!
Lim Wei YungLim Wei Yung
13:24 04 Feb 24
I came at 8:30pm, they ran out of white rice, fish, tempura radish sauce and the unagi sushi rice was cold while the unagi was warm. The Chinese speaking lady asked if can give me lesser rice for my set at the same price and change to udon or soba for my friend’s set. She told me Monday they don’t sell fish head and half of the items I wanted to ask was not available. She was so rude and customer service was bad. Definitely not coming back again.
09:35 01 Feb 24
The lunch sets are really attractive, and could be a big meal.
Paul YoungPaul Young
12:50 21 Jan 24
Their beef set was really awesome. With the nabe as well as delicious soup base. Pour the soup into my rice and enjoyed every drop of it. Well worth it.:)
Grace LinGrace Lin
04:55 13 Jan 24
Had a great dinner experience at Tomi Sushi Novena as the food was fresh and customer service was exceptionally pleasant. Would like to specifically commend on Ms Eunice for her impeccable service. She was attentive and often checked in with us to make sure everything was okay despite the dinner crowd. Thank you for making our first dining experience at Tomi Sushi a wonderful one!
ho kiehluehho kiehlueh
13:30 12 Jan 24
Ms Eunice has elevated our dinning experience at Tomi Sushi - Novena, not only was she attentive but humorous when providing top notch customer service.She deserves to be recognized 👍
09:01 30 Dec 23
Boris ChengBoris Cheng
06:20 26 Dec 23
Akiko OttoAkiko Otto
10:09 18 Dec 23
They have value sets in lunch time.
Leonnard LeeLeonnard Lee
02:06 17 Dec 23
13:50 06 Dec 23
It's having Maguro Sushi discount at 50% and it's a good deal and we enjoyed the food.Its layout and the waitress dress code reminds me of the restaurants visited in Japan. Good range of sake is displayed as you walk into the restaurant. We found the food reasonably priced and the service is good. As its popular, its good to make a reservation.We enjoyed the deep fried soft-shelled 🦀 crab (👍), Salmon sashimi and Sake.
Joel ChowJoel Chow
06:07 03 Dec 23
This place never fails to please with great food and service. The sets and ala carte items are nicely done and good value. Some of the seasonal items are interesting as well. Really fantastic sushi, and other dishes. Great service.
Ashish BagchiAshish Bagchi
05:43 25 Nov 23
Tomi Sushi offers a delightful dining experience . Tried its Sushi Gozen and Salmon Toban set.The Sushi Gozen presents a diverse array of sushi, each piece showcasing fresh, quality ingredients. The Sushi Gozen set goes beyond just assorted sushi, featuring an enticing assortment that includes various tempuras, Miso soup, grilled salmon, and chawan mushi. The addition of tempuras adds a delightful crunch, while the Miso soup complements the meal with its rich flavors. The grilled salmon offers a succulent experience, and the chawan mushi adds a touch of velvety texture.The Salmon Toban set, with its perfectly brewed soup, provides a satisfying balance of flavors. For an interactive twist, the set provides a DIY experience with a decent size raw salmon chunk to be cooked in the soup alongside tofu, mushrooms, and assorted greens, enhancing the overall dining adventure.The restaurant's commitment to freshness and meticulous preparation is evident in every bite. The ambiance is inviting, and the service is attentive, making it a commendable choice for sushi enthusiasts.There is a very nice Japanese gentleman who goes around with a smile , clearing tables and wishing everyone making the experience more delightful!
07:30 18 Nov 23
Undoubtedly, the best place to have sake & sushi with friends. Service staff were friendly and attentive too. 🥰🥰🥰
12:39 06 Nov 23
Good enough to have a catch-up with friends. A bit pricy but can be justified
14:35 04 Nov 23
Can tell food and service here have a lot of heart. Menu is peppered with in season dishes and dishes the chefs/owners want to share with customers. I gave the tofu special a try but did not enjoy it very much.Staff are attentive and warm. Overall I had a good meal here, and if I was nearby I think I wouldn't hesitate to return, especially for the set meals.
10:19 28 Oct 23
Damn lousy service was asked to wait, we waited quite long and there were so many tables available. Disgrace to Japanese restaurant known for their excellent service.
Konstantin de WitKonstantin de Wit
13:05 21 Oct 23
We always enjoy their sets which offer amazing price-quality ratio for Singapore. Atmosphere is traditional Japanese but cosy. It can be very busy at times.
Hang ThuHang Thu
12:45 19 Oct 23
Quite pricey but food was tasty and ingredient are at high quality.
nicole Tnicole T
10:22 15 Oct 23
I used to visit them regularly when I was working near Millenia Walk. Have been to this outlet less than 10 times.Good quality sushi at reasonable pricing. Standard of food has been consistent over the years.
kristine tenkristine ten
13:25 14 Oct 23
Always my go-to restaurant.I want to send my appreciation to Eunice. She spent time to call me back and retrieved my receipt to send to me despite on a Saturday busy dinner time.Special thanks to Eunice, Tomi sushi is so lucky to have you ❤️Best food and service ever!
Terry DingTerry Ding
09:30 12 Oct 23
I enjoyed the Nikujaga&Chirashi Don set very much, which is the special menu for today. (@28++)The Nikujaga is great: the beef is stewed perfectly, super tender and with great umami; the potato is also well softened and the whole dish is without any unpleasant odour. The chirashi don uses good quality sashimi and wasabi atop of the Japanese rice. The Aburi Salmon Oroshiponzu is with promo for autumn and the texture and freshness of the salmon is good. For the rest of the set such as miso soup and salad, they are well cooked. Overall, the taste is good and the Nikujaga hit my taste bud and elevates the whole level to great.The service is good here thought waiting time a bit long. The facility a bit old but the atmosphere is great: many people enjoy their cosy chat with a cup of free of charge but free-flow tea in thisJapan style restaurant.
rosa leongrosa leong
07:44 23 Sep 23
Sarah YanSarah Yan
19:36 22 Sep 23
Crunchy grilled eel bones a must try! For those unfamiliar with the restaurant's whereabouts, it's on Level 2. If you're coming up from the escalator from Level 1, you need to turn Left. After passing by several stores, you will see Tech House up ahead. Once you see Tech House, turn to your right and you will see Tomi Sushi's entrance at the corner.
Alice KOKAlice KOK
02:31 12 Sep 23
It’s frustrating that no one pick up call even during off peak period
Saranya ASaranya A
00:00 12 Sep 23
Chargrilled octopus was pretty good that came with the lunch specials. Would come back to try chef’s recommendation/ Omakase(s)
06:29 11 Sep 23
Worse service attitude from this supposedly manager call Eunice who can't even bother to serve n can tell customer she can't handle. If can't handle just put the close sign outside!
Sheue Lin NgSheue Lin Ng
13:44 09 Sep 23
We queue here for about 15 mins. After ordering, didn't have to wait that long for the food. Service was prompt and efficient. Maguro sashimi was cut a bit thin. So the satisfaction was not really there. The chirashi don has generous fillings of sashimi. The tonkatsu tuna steak with cheese was quite salty and heavy. I would not want to order this dish ever again. Tempura was done well.
04:45 09 Sep 23
This is a go-to place for authentic Japanese sushi in Singapore. Awesome food. Sometimes there are promotions too.The setting is similar to Japanese restaurants in Japan which is simple, nothing extravaganza, and has some Japanese decorations.
chng naiyunchng naiyun
15:17 04 Sep 23
My goto Japanese restaurant ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Giorgio LocatelliGiorgio Locatelli
13:15 29 Aug 23
Japanese cuisine restaurant with various branches throughout Asia, here in Singapore it has 3 branches, this one is located inside a supermarket on the top floor, a place that recalls the Japanese style with wood and a sushi counter, the waitresses are very kind and matcha green tea is immediately served for the duration of the meal.The cuisine is good and the choice ranges from Sushi, which I found to be of good quality (not omakase quality, but still good)and well made, tempura is also light and excellent with all typical dishes.Medium-high prices but in line with the service and quality of the products and the city of Singapore,if you want to pop over to Japan for dinner or lunch without committing too much, I'd say it's a good choice.
Sangmin Ryan LeeSangmin Ryan Lee
09:54 29 Aug 23
The staffs are kind, and the food always meets my expectation. But it seems the quantity in some menu gets less than before. But it is still reliable option.
James ChungJames Chung
05:18 28 Aug 23
Service is horrendous, which dulls the atmosphere.
Yu Qing Jolene TeoYu Qing Jolene Teo
07:29 22 Aug 23
Quick but nice Japanese food place, by authentic japanese chef. Freshly grated wasabi, amazing food and doesn’t break the bank, sets are super worth
Liwei HeLiwei He
08:47 16 Aug 23
Nigel TristanNigel Tristan
05:51 21 Jun 23
A few other outlets to this brand,and i feel that standards differ greatly,especially between this and their East Coast Outlet.Have eaten here at their novena outlet twice and both times we have come away very satisfied with their food as well as their exceptional service from their very friendly and attentive ground staff, to their Japanese head chef who goes around from table to table ensuring that everything is going well for the diners. They even made sure to reserve a Kanpachi Shio fishhead for me when i called to enquire its availability,just in case it ran out before we arrived.Hallmarks of a great sushi joint.Their Kanpachi Kabuto Shioyaki (Greater Amberjack Grilled Salted Fish head), was superbly executed. Flesh was firm and flaky,and very fresh to the bite and mouthfeel. Hit the spot totally.The Grilled Salmon Belly was super as well,3 pieces of perfectly grilled belly oozing with juices in its tender meat. Skin was crispy and crackling to the bite,perfect contrast.Of all the fish dishes ordered, the Shima Hokke (Grilled Atka Mackeral) looked good,but tasted pretty mediocre in the end. Think maybe its because its a pre-ordered and flash-frozen pre-marinated fish.Deep fried soft shell crab was good,but a bit on the saltier side. The California Maki Roll that we ordered as an afterthought though,was remarkable,hitting all the right spots in every way. Rice was soft and warm,ingredients were fresh and well-paired,and it didnt break apart most importantly,when we dipped it in soya sauce.All in,kudos to this team at Novena,you guys have got it down pat. Well done!👏👏Food: 8.5/10Ambience: 9/10 (tables well spaced out,comfortable dining)Service: 9/10Value For Money: 7.5/10My Rating: 8.5/10
08:14 15 Jun 23
Food fresh and excellent, service very good. Chef John, Euince and all the staffs friendly n excellent. I love their sashimi!!!
Joni F.Joni F.
04:57 06 Jun 23
Crowded over lunch and dinner, but plenty seats. The food is well prepared and sashimi is fresh. Lunch sets is a good deal to go.
Delicious MyojoDelicious Myojo
14:03 30 May 23
Is the second best outlet for me after Millenia. The restaurant keeps it authenticity and quality. It has its regular Japanese clientele. Came here few years back when they were having Niigata sake roadshow in Singapore. Good sake.
Fion LeeFion Lee
06:30 01 May 23
Lunch menu was super value for money! Range between $24-$48. Generous thick sashimi slices and HOT tempura. Will definitely return!
Tomi Sushi
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Shirley LimShirley Lim
18:04 13 May 24
Food is pretty yummy. Love the chawamushi and ebiten maki.
03:28 29 Apr 24
I went there for lunch. There was hair in the salad and the watermelon was rotten and stringy. After experiencing this, I started to worry about whether I would be able to manage the fish properly. It is very disappointing.
Kiat Jeanne LimKiat Jeanne Lim
11:00 21 Apr 24
little ashielittle ashie
05:06 14 Apr 24
had my sister’s birthday lunch here!❤️food was very very good!🥹service was really 👍🏻 up there!thank you!
Kaizen RKaizen R
09:49 10 Apr 24
The lunch sets were worth it. Sashimi was fresh. The rice was extraordinarily good. But, service was bad. We were seated at 1.36pm, food was served quickly and we were asked if there was any last order before it was 2pm (the cutoff time to order). Between 2pm till 2.26pm (time we left), the server approached us 4 times - once to tell us they are closing in 10min then turned to faceless colleagues proclaiming loudly across the room he has informed us they are closing, second time to settle bill, third and fourth time to clear our trays. I’d finished my food so that was fine, but my companion hasn’t. It was not pleasant to have our plates whisked away with food still in our mouths! Please don’t charge us service charge if service is given so abrasively.
Lanny TayLanny Tay
16:45 19 Mar 24
$52.76 for a bowl of Jyo Chirashi with little sashimi - it is really poor value. You can get much more quantity with similar quality at Sushi Tei with cheaper price. I feel that the food is over rated for the price you pay and certainly the standard has dropped since my last visits over the years .
06:08 17 Mar 24
Have been dining at the various branches of Tomi Sushi over the years but never left a review! Had lunch at the Millenia outlet on a Saturday and there surprisingly wasn’t a queue for tables though the restaurant was probably 80% full. The quality of food is always good and the set lunches serve very generous portions. We also had some ala carte items - firefly squid, fried squid - that were tasty too!
jc710 Chinjc710 Chin
04:04 15 Jan 24
Dropped by to have dinner as we were at this mall. Food was ok and environment was standard. But service was very good and everyone was attended to with promptness and politeness. I was actually surprised. Patience and service was very good. Compliments to the service staff. Surprisingly the 3 chefs at the sushi counter is the most quiet staff there and so different from other Japanese sushi restaurants we ever been too.
06:06 14 Jan 24
Daniel PDaniel P
12:48 21 Dec 23
Great Food!
Richard TanRichard Tan
12:17 20 Dec 23
Have eaten here many times. Wonderful service and excellent food at a very reasonable prices.Tried the outlets at Millenia Walk and Velocity.Service at Velocity is a little better as the waitress do not keep coming to ask you whether she can clear your tray away. She explains that the management does not want to overwhelm the kitchen and wants to clear the plates and dishes as fast as possible. I actually don't know what it means.The restaurant ambience is nice. Typical Japanese. Really conducive even for many of my business entertainment.
V H (Purplepotarto)V H (Purplepotarto)
05:27 15 Dec 23
Food was not good as compared to East Coast brunch. The tempura was soggy. Saba fish was soggy too ! So soft doesn’t feel right. Sashimi was so thin ! This outlet gives Tomi a bad name ! I am a regular at their Katong branch. Totally disappointed at the standard here
Lewis LiewLewis Liew
17:07 11 Dec 23
Heard so much about this Japanese chain so thought to give it a try.The menu was extensive and pictures look impressive and mouth watering.However, the food standard was only so so at best. Not that they were bad, but I expected better from them.Have to say I left feeling I needed another Japanese cuisine fix.Fyi - I did not spare any horses when I ordered and there were only 2 of us.
william yipwilliam yip
17:51 06 Dec 23
Love it.
09:18 05 Dec 23
Review for a visit while agoAte here and got food poisoningThrew up and had bad diarrheaThe food I ate here was the only thing I ate that day so I asked for a refund to the restaurant but they refused, blamed it on me and insisted that I must have ate sth elseDid not end up getting the refundAwful customer service
madeline mercedesmadeline mercedes
05:07 02 Dec 23
Don’t bother if u really want sushi, maybe even sushi tei is better 😅 they promote tuna dish, and we order for the ootoro to come with veins that are not even chewable. And the service is so bad. 7 years back I thought the standard dropped, decided to come again to give it another chance, but honestly I think I’m happier eating McDonald’s.
Evelyn LeeEvelyn Lee
16:02 21 Nov 23
Came here on a Sunday evening for dinner. Food wasn’t great and service was average too. Staff were not attentive. Menu seems limited. We had more food but didn’t bother to take all after trying the first few sets and dishes which were not great. Didn’t quite enjoy overall.
11:50 18 Nov 23
rudy leerudy lee
11:11 14 Nov 23
The food at Tomi Sushi is classic Japanese cuisine, boasting fresh ingredients. The portions, while generous for an individual, surprisingly leave one with the capacity to enjoy more.To satisfy my desire, I indulge in Hegi Soba, a noodle dish from Niigata prefecture. The soba noodles, distinctively infused with funori moss seaweed, are elegantly presented on a tray and topped with nori seaweed. When served chilled, these noodles enchant the palate with their long, silky, and smooth texture, and a chewy consistency that unfolds a mild, grainy, and subtly earthy sweet flavour. This dish is further enhanced by crisp negi onions, adding a vegetal, herbal sweetness, and a warm mentsuyu soup base, delivering savoury, salty, and earthy notes. Notably, the dish was served without its usual accompaniment of a fresh quail egg, an element that typically complements the flavours. Despite its absence, the dish retained its delightful character, allowing the intricate flavours of the dashi, soy sauce, and mirin to shine through.My dining experiences at Tomi Sushi have been consistently enjoyable, and I eagerly anticipate returning for more culinary delights.
Eric ChenEric Chen
11:20 13 Nov 23
Dinner service today is excellent. Staff is polite and friendly and the food is good. Had the Wagyu Toban Set and the beef is so tender and flavourful. Special mention again for their chawamushi which is soft similar to tofu and delicious. Sashimi is also fresh. Overall, very happy with my meal today!!
Estelle CorbanEstelle Corban
20:23 25 Oct 23
Delicious dinner plate. Very polite and kind service. Calm restaurant atmosphere
05:17 25 Oct 23
Visited the outlet on 25 oct for lunch, found hair in chawanmushi and salad which completely ruined my impression of Tomi Sushi in terms of hygiene standard. Reported my observation and was offered 10% compensatory discount which definitely isn’t sufficient to make up for unpleasant dining experience.
13:13 20 Oct 23
Another lucky find along Millenia's famed Japanese Street. They opens at 5.30pm EXACTLY unlike its neighbors.Ambience is authentic Japanese - subtle, pine colored and understated. Service is equally Japanese - as it should be. Ocha topped up endlessly without being prompted.And of course the food is superbly authentic. Sushi is freshly prepared. Soft shell crabs perfect with the right amount of flesh still visible. Cold soba is fresh and unique. Ice cream completed our dinner experience.Can't say seikai-ichi-no but definitely oiishi and tanoshii-kata desu.
John ParkJohn Park
11:51 30 Sep 23
The worst sushi I have ever had. FOOD QUALITY IS TERRIBLE.Even One star is too much for this place.
01:30 26 Sep 23
Our usual dinner conundrum led us to this place, and it was such a serendipitous find! We had the Kaiseki set (~$70 nett each), and everything tasted awesome. Special highlight went to the oh-so-fresh mekajiki sashimi. We had to order extra slices before we could officially end off an extremely satisfying meal. Definitely coming back again!***And we were back on 15 Oct 2022! It’s the autumn menu and special mention went to the amazing seasonal grilled fish that came, rightfully so but probably not intentional, as the finale dish.***And back in Sep 2023! It’s been a while. It stays good. Consistency is good.
Yeo JustinYeo Justin
06:52 17 Sep 23
We went for the lunch set on a weekend. My friend and i felt that the waitress was unhappy when she took our order, as we rejected the fresh fish series recommendation by her politely.During the meal, the waiter and waitress kept hovering around and looking out for empty plates/bowls to clear. This makes our dining experience rather uncomfortable and we would appreciate it if the collection can be done after we finish the majority of our meal. It was about 12-1pm at the time, so it was not towards the end of the lunch service.However, they were diligent in topping up our green tea. 👍The dining environment is spacious and cozy.CP wise personally felt that the quality isn't amazing for the price. Food is decent but i wouldn't go back again.
Lyn GanLyn Gan
02:35 17 Sep 23
Been here for a few occasions. Food were nice and affordable. Serving time was fairly fast. Worth trying!
Kartik VittalaKartik Vittala
21:49 13 Sep 23
Benjamin EuBenjamin Eu
13:34 12 Sep 23
Michelle SengMichelle Seng
06:13 07 Sep 23
Need to revise opening hours, says close at 2:30 pm but were turn away 5 mins ago at 2:08pm.
00:45 23 Aug 23
A bit noisy but very decent price esp the lunch set
Lee KaraLee Kara
06:12 06 Aug 23
Very bad customer service. Both of us were told by the waitress rudely we have to order more to get a bigger table infront of the crowds?! Manager is also very unapologetic when we highlighted the issue. Food is great but not the service. Don’t come if expect service at all.
10:16 04 Aug 23
We came at 130pm for lunch and was told we have to vacate at 230pm. The chef kept coming to our table and ask for our orders, and say this will be the last order at least 5 times. They were also hovering around our table and glancing at our table (there were still alot of other customers at the restaurant). We felt uncomfortable and stressed and we have to rushed our lunch when there was still time. We finished everything at 215pm. Unpleasant experience. Not sure why they have to make us feel this stressed. And like they are trying to chase us out of the restaurant.Food was mediocre for the price paid. Not worth it. I rather go to other restaurants which I feel has much better quality. And the service is definitely better.
Carrol LapsysCarrol Lapsys
11:49 28 Jul 23
Ordered cucumber sushi to takeaway. The order couldn't have been any easier. After 20 minutes of waiting, I asked if it was almost ready, and was told it would be another 20 minutes. The restaurant wasn't anywhere near full, they had numerous 'chefs', some working, some standing around (maybe 5 that I could see at a glance), but cucumber sushi would be 40 minutes? The worst thing is if they'd just said that from the start, I wouldn't have waited at all. I asked for my money back and left, with about 30 minutes of my life wasted by it all. Definitely will not be back
Joyce LimJoyce Lim
02:40 23 Jul 23
We went for an early dinner at 6pm on a Sunday before catching a concert and was seated immediately. No queue at all. One of the ordering staff seemed to be in a hurry to get our orders as he came to our table repeatedly in the 5 minutes while we were trying to decide what to order.We had bara chiraishi tem set and a hiyashi kakiage udon.The chiraishi don was generous, but mainly with off cuts of sashimi. Some were chewy and quite unpalatable. The tempura pieces that came with it were rather oily, as was the kakiage. Biting into it was akin to biting into a oily sponge. The only saving grace was the cold udon, cooked al dente. For the price, we were expecting a better quality of food and cooking and were rather disappointed.You would get a much better meal at Nozomi just further along the same walkway.
Kim Jun HongKim Jun Hong
11:11 15 Jul 23
I recently tried this restaurant for my first time, and I must say, it was quite an interesting experience. The moment I walked in, I felt a nostalgic charm reminiscent of traditional old-school sushi establishments.One of the first things that caught my attention was the complimentary refillable green tea they served. As soon as I sat down, the staff politely asked if I preferred hot or iced green tea, a thoughtful touch.Their menu boasted an extensive selection of sushi and other dishes, ranging from reasonably priced to slightly overpriced options. I decided to try a variety, including salmon sashimi, cha soba, edamame, tori nabe, and chawamushi.The salmon sashimi arrived with just five small but thick slices. While the freshness was commendable, it lacked the desired fatty texture that makes salmon sashimi truly delightful. Nevertheless, the accompanying fresh wasabi was a pleasant addition.Moving on to the cha soba, I found it quite enjoyable. The portion of noodles was generous, and the tempura was perfectly fried, maintaining its flavors without being overly greasy.The tori nabe, a chicken hot pot, was delicious, and I particularly enjoyed the flavorsome soup. However, it might be worth noting that some people may find it a tad salty for their taste.On the other hand, the chawamushi and edamame were rather average and didn't leave a lasting impression.The service was polite, although there was a slight push to clear the table promptly by 9 pm.Overall, this restaurant offers a pleasant opportunity to savor authentic Japanese cuisine without straining your wallet too much. It's a worthwhile experience for those seeking an authentic taste of Japan in the this area.
14:13 28 May 23
Quite disappointing experience compared to the first time I was there pre-covid. The portion is very little now even the rice is a thin layer at the base of the bowl. It’s not filling at all.The sashimi on the chirashi don wasn’t super fresh either. It was just “ok” not “good” as a higher price range should suggest. We felt it was just a bit better than supermarket variety.The chawanmushi was nice. The miso soup was piping hot. But the main dish was lackluster. Not as good as I remembered.As I remembered it was very tasty, I brought some friends there to enjoy lunch but we were disappointed and left still hungry & unsatisfied. Usually we don’t hunt for dessert immediately after a meal but we had to after this time.I don’t think I’ll go back there anymore or recommend friends for the chirashi don, it’s $28++ not so worth it.Many other places to go for chirashi don.
Carmen X. KCarmen X. K
12:05 20 May 23
Very average sushi. The tempura stuff was ok. Soba was pretty much tasteless. Cold udon was quite tasty. There is significantly better Japanese food in Singapore at the same price point. $180 for 3
Yiru TanYiru Tan
01:31 25 Mar 23
Go to Japanese restaurant - love the food there as always. Feels like the word "classic" is the most apt word to describe this place. Classic dishes, classic interior, classic taste. There are no crazy dishes, just decent good quality classic Japanese food at a decent price.
Tomi Sushi
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Roxanne LeeRoxanne Lee
05:01 26 May 24
One of my favourite Japanese restaurants. Lots of different set lunches to choose from. Food was fresh and of high quality. Looking forward to the next visit.
Lawrence Lau KiangLawrence Lau Kiang
06:22 21 May 24
Ed TEd T
06:16 21 May 24
06:12 21 May 24
Fresh sashimi, good sized portion, great serviceWorth the visit
06:22 04 May 24
The other day, when I had lunch with a friend, a Japanese male waiter knocked over a tray of food from the person sitting next to me, breaking the tableware and cutting my finger. My seat and the floor were full of debris. Although the injury was not serious, I was terrified of the broken dishes and what would happen to those around me. . The female clerk kindly took care of me. I decided to throw away my clothes and sandals. I was still finishing my meal, but I stopped eating because I thought there might be some debris in it. My friend and I got a $20 discount on the bill...Why do I have to pay for a meal that was not finished due to the restaurant's carelessness after being injured? After that, I contacted the store, but even after I received a formal contact via email from the person in charge, Mr. Iwasaki, I received no response. I had been looking forward to the sushi at Tomizushi, but I was very disappointed in this response.
James TanJames Tan
12:30 17 Mar 24
Been wanting to dine here for a long time and finally had a chance to.Food was fresh and tasty! All food was cook perfectly and their sashimi so fresh!! Service was on point and welcoming.First time and definitely won’t be my last. 👍
Warren ChewWarren Chew
10:10 14 Mar 24
Salmon sashimi is so thick and succulent!
Paul WeePaul Wee
12:32 12 Mar 24
Lovely sushi, sashimi and other items! Our go-to place for whenever we next our Japanese fix.
Angus HornigoldAngus Hornigold
08:02 12 Mar 24
A little pricey and the atmosphere is a bit too modern for me. Service was good and so was the food
Melissa LeongMelissa Leong
15:18 28 Feb 24
We liked everything about this hidden and charming Japanese restaurant. We were sat by the counter which gave us quite a feel of dining in Japan itself, and the many Japanese patrons dining there provided street cred - it meant that the food should be quite good and authentic. The sushi was very fresh and my husband enjoyed his dinner set. Staff were friendly and served food promptly. We weren’t charged for tea nor wet towels which we thought was fantastic. Will definitely visit again when the Japanese food craving hits.
Sook Han LeeSook Han Lee
06:01 09 Feb 24
Visited on a Wednesday evening just before CNY. It wasn't too crowded.Had shime saba sashimi. Lightly vinegared and the saba was fresh. The vinegar was smooth.California maki was refreshing. It's the first time I've smelt and tasted the cucumber in California maki so clearly, and it's not a bad thing.Ebi ten maki was also good. The prawn was fresh.Natto maki had a nice nutty natto taste, and noticeably more moist natto than most places. Perhaps it's because there's more natto than elsewhere. The rice in the natto maki seemed a little moist than what I'd remember for sushi, so that was a tad disappointing.Tamago yaki was OK. It's the standard taste.Bei nasu dengaku (grilled eggplant with miso) was a pleasant surprise. The miso was rich and had a pleasant sweetness to it. Might be good with rice!Chawanmushi was smooth. It's the standard taste.Nabe yaki udon was great. The udon had a firm texture that held up the whole time. The broth was tasty (not salty) and they had a generous 4 pieces of chicken inside (enough for 4 small serving bowls of udon). It also came with 2 tempura prawns. Nice and freshly fried.Staff were helpful. It was an enjoyable experience.
Wie b lWie b l
12:41 08 Feb 24
This is a place where you can go often, the menu is extensive. Before I go on, the food taste is outstanding for 90% of the dishes.The service at the entrance is attentive and they have Japanese service and kitchen staff. The ambience of the place is classically Japanese, very neat, clean and woody--in the modern sense.I love the nabeyaki udon, I've not tasted an udon soup that is so balanced, and the udon is so chewy! All the ingredients are so "captured" in the soup, so that it is very wholesome and rich.The sushi is also very good, the rice is a bit soft. For this aspect the Sens Dining at Holland V is superior, the rice is crystalline and sweet (subtly). The California Make, the Ebiten, Natto Sushi and Inari, is very good.The Sashimi is fresh, as I was told is dipped in vinegar, so it gives slightly fresh and sour taste (in a good way!). The meat is taut and delightful. They have 2 different soya sauce, one for sashimi and the other for sushi! The fragrance of the vinegar is quite remarkable, unique and memorable. The marination with vinegar gives the sushi a round taste--very pleasant!The attention to detail is very impressive, the service staff would bring out the food when we have cleared our plates (small table), so that the table is not cramped.I would definitely go back to this place. I strongly recommend it. For the weekend, please book a day ahead, so that you won't be disappointed.
Tay Wee HianTay Wee Hian
06:32 07 Feb 24
To be honest, the food was fresh and decent. But the service really needs a VAST IMPROVEMENT!Wrong order taken, but insist is the customer fault. Wanted to remove a rice from the set as we couldn’t finish and had ordered an Ala carte portion, but was informed not able to as it is prepared. The staff offered to void the Ala carte order for us but in the end when we called for the bill, it was not removed and the staff argued and insisted that we had eaten. But the rice was not served actually. Leaving us confused about what was being conveyed previously. It was meant to be a birthday celebration but end up note being happy. The only saving grace on service was Ayumi, who was polite and attentive to our needs. The other service staffs were just not up to par!Don’t think will return anytime soon! Pretty upset on the service. One of the worse I encountered.
Angel CheongAngel Cheong
07:59 16 Jan 24
Ban LeeBan Lee
06:20 08 Jan 24
Perrine CavatPerrine Cavat
15:55 04 Dec 23
Fresh and delicious sashimi, talented chefs
Chinese MoonChinese Moon
13:28 03 Dec 23
Our go to place for Japanese. Always cheerful service with a smile and very fresh ingredients. Service is fast and food is outstanding. Sashimi is fresh and cut right thickness. The sets are really value for money with chawanmushi and miso soup plus fruits.
Jocelyn LimJocelyn Lim
22:43 30 Nov 23
Went for business lunch with an vendor. Dishes we ordered were fresh and delicious. If happen to be around the area, will drop in to dine again.
Brent BakerBrent Baker
08:28 19 Nov 23
sel selsel sel
07:03 12 Nov 23
Come here for birthday celebration, & it didn’t disappoint me, foods is good, especially sushi, the chef Jeffery served me well!
vian chan foovian chan foo
06:44 07 Nov 23
Everything was fine except for the waitress. She actually took a dirty plate filled with tissue from the next table and put it on my daughter’s tray which was still sitting on our table before she picked up the tray and removed it from our table. I find this totally unacceptable. How can you take somebody’s else’s trash and put it on our table even if it was for 2 seconds. If this is the food court, it’s fine but this is a restaurant.
Chester LeeChester Lee
14:49 05 Nov 23
Food is pretty good and portion is decent. Definitely worth a visit if in the area. Staff is prompt in serving and taking orders too
Christian RivestChristian Rivest
07:22 04 Nov 23
Mats LingbladMats Lingblad
01:42 03 Nov 23
Food is good, but the pricing is not right. Yen has depreciated 25% during the last couple of years.Old - four starsVery good Value for money.Added: Damn, the toro price was a promotional price
Catherine EeCatherine Ee
10:13 01 Nov 23
hw limhw lim
10:59 27 Oct 23
I am surprised that so many bad reviews about the services yet no one from management take any action to handle that and worst no remorse at all to even bother to apologize. Really the best service ever!! Why do people still want to continue to patronize this place? Please boycott already
Zack AngZack Ang
13:00 22 Oct 23
Jenkins ChngJenkins Chng
11:05 29 Sep 23
My favorite go to place for fresh sashimi and sushi.
FS ChongFS Chong
14:20 17 Sep 23
Wei Thye NgWei Thye Ng
11:29 08 Sep 23
10:00 20 Aug 23
Unique Japanese restaurant in East Coast area, serving highly authentic and delectable Japanese cuisine including their renowned sushi, sashimi and other highly popular items at reasonable prices, highly recommended!
Ravinder SinghRavinder Singh
02:56 13 Aug 23
Nice food.
Evi WibawaEvi Wibawa
00:15 12 Aug 23
Yvonne TayYvonne Tay
14:59 09 Aug 23
Tomi Sushi never fails. Our go to dinner wherever we fancy home style Japanese food.
Kevin AngKevin Ang
10:17 08 Aug 23
One of the best value for money sushi in Singapore given quality and price. Especially the case during lunch when lunch sets available. Popularity of this place speaks by itself.
Quak Yong ShengQuak Yong Sheng
15:00 01 Aug 23
I must say the sashimi are really tasty and fresh. The rice which is very important base for all sushi is done well and I enjoyed it.For 2 adults, we had ordered Kanpachi sashimi,One uni chutoro nigiri set, can’t remember the exact name.One Maguro Don with maguro, chutoro and negitoro,1 side dish, 1 karaage chicken, 1 fresh grated wasabi, 1 green tea and 1 highball.Overall cost works out to be about $205 with service charge and gst. About 100 plus per paxSo quality of the food is good but the price is considerably high. And the portion of the maguro Don was quite small. I left the place with like only 70% full and had to settle for instant noodle back home.
Wong Teck JungWong Teck Jung
07:48 11 Jul 23
The quality of the Japanese food here was a pleasant surprise. I would recommend trying the tamagoyaki and unagi don. Both dishes were delicious and well-prepared.
John MuziJohn Muzi
13:52 13 Jun 23
We are back at Toni Sushi after a few years. I am glad Tomi Sushi survived COVID-19. The food is just as good as ever. We enjoyed our favourites. I must say some of the servings are a little small. May be due to increase cost.Wish you success. We will be back again.
Lance TayLance Tay
03:43 14 Apr 23
Very good quality Japanese meals on the mid upper price range. Usually full and requires reservations unless at the bar counter.There was a 50 off maguro promo when visited for lunch

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