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Tomi Sushi is a popular Japanese sushi restaurant located in Singapore. Please note that menu offerings at restaurants can change frequently, so I can provide you with a general overview of the types of dishes you might find on the menu at a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant like Tomi Sushi.

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Our menu is a symphony of flavors, carefully curated to transport you on a culinary journey like no other. Tomi Sushi believe in the magic of fresh, premium ingredients and the artistry of our skilled chefs. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or a newcomer to this Japanese delicacy, our menu promises to delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more.


Tokusen Sashimi 8Kinds

For 1 Person S$48
For 2 Person S$94
For 2 Person S$140
For 3 Person S$186

Sashimi 6Kinds

For 1 Person S$26
For 2 Person S$48
For 3 Person S$70
For 4 Person S$92


Rice S$3
Up Size+S$1.5
Rice Set S$6
Rice Miso+Soup

Soba Udon

Salad Hegi Soba S$14
Tem Hegi Soba S$18
Hegi Soba S$12
Zaru Udon S$8
Tem Zaru Udon S$16
Hiyashi Kakiage Udon S$15
Salad Udon S$12


Edamame S$6
Aburi Anago Tsumamu S$28
IKa Natto Tsumami S$10
Maguro Nato Tsumamu S$10
IKA Shiokara S$8
Oishii Hiya Yakko S$7
Nagashii Lwamozuku S$8
Mentaiko Tsumami (Rawor Seared) S$8
Seafood Salad S$16
Aburi Salmon salad S$18

Deep Fried

Ebi Tempura S$20
Yasai Tempura S$12
Tempura Moriawase S$18
Suruten S$15
Megisu Fried S$15
Agedashi Tofu S$8
Kaki Fried S$15
Kaki Fried S$14
Kaki Fried S$15
Kaki Fried S$10
Kaki Fried S$12


Assorted Sushi

Tokujyo Nigiri S$59
Tomi Nigiri S$49
Jyo Nigiri S$39
Maguro Zanmai S$59
Salmon Zukushi S$26
Aburi Zanmai S$28


Maguro Otoro S$52
Maguro Chutoro S$36
Maguro Akami S$16
Salmon S$14
Mekajiki S$16
Kanpachi S$24
Botanehi S$32

Set Menu

Sashimi Set S$35
Gindara Set S$28
Tempura S$28


Tokujo Chirashi S$54
Jyo Tekkadon S$40
Negitorodon S$38
Jyo Chirashi S$38

Kaiseki- For Special Occasion

Sushi Gozen S$54
Shun no sushi Kaiseki S$100


Shima Hokke Ichiyaboshi S$18
Salmon Mentaiyak S$12
Harasu Shioyaki S$12
Komochi hon Shishamo S$15
Saba Shioyaki S$15
Kanpachi Kabuto Shioyaki S$30
Hatahata Ichiyaboshi Sanfish S$12

A La Carte

Tochioge Plain S$16
Tochioage (Natto) S$18
Okonomi Satsumaage S$12
Okonomi Satsumaage(plain) S$10
Chawanmushi S$5
Beinasu Dengaku S$8

Small Hot Pot

Wagyu Toban (Beef) S$28
Tori Nabe (Chicken) S$12
Tochio Nabe S$14
Yose Nabe S$15
Kani To Hotate Soup S$16

Sushi (2 Pieces per order)

Maguro Otoro S$26
Maguro Chutorn S$18
Maguro Akami S$8
Aburi Toro Negishio S$18
Tai S$12
Hirame S$12
Aburi Engawa S$18
Hotate S$8
Tsubu Kai S$5
Kanpachi S$12
Toro Salmon S$10
Salmon S$7
Aburi Salmon Oroshiponzu S$8
Mekajiki S$8
Botanebi S$16
Akaebi S$8
Munhiebi S$6
Lke Ni Anago S$12
Ike Ni Anago Lppon Nigiri S$16

Gunkan Roll (2 Pieces Per Order

Uni S$20
Ikura S$12
Negitoro S$12
Tobikko S$5
Salmon Oyako S$8

                        Hand Roll

Negitoro S$10
Ebiten S$12
Natto S$5

Sushi Roll

Aburi Salmon Roll S$18
Unagi Roll S$22
Spicy Tuna Roll S$18

Gluten-free and vegan options are available upon request to cater to all dietary preferences.

Tomi Sushi’s every dish is a masterpiece, and every bite is an adventure. Join us today to explore our menu and embark on a culinary journey that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Make a reservation or visit us to experience the magic of Tomi Sushi. Your taste buds will thank you.

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While Tomi Sushi and KFC cater to different culinary preferences, both contribute significantly to the diverse world of dining experiences. Tomi Sushi, with its emphasis on traditional Japanese artistry and fresh ingredients, appeals to those seeking an authentic and refined sushi encounter. In contrast, KFC, a global fast-food giant, satisfies the cravings of those looking for quick and familiar comfort food.

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