About Us

Tomi Sushi Singapore has a rich history from its inception in 2010. Founded with a vision to bring authentic Japanese culinary experiences to the heart of Singapore, Tomi Sushi quickly gained a reputation for its commitment to quality, innovation, and a deep respect for Japanese traditions.

Over the years, Tomi Sushi Singapore has undergone significant growth and transformation, evolving to meet its patrons’ changing tastes and preferences. From its modest origins to its position as a highly regarded entity and prominent sushi destination, it has consistently upheld the principles of using the freshest ingredients and maintaining the artistry of Japanese cuisine.

Food: Tomi Sushi Singapore takes pride in offering a diverse and delectable menu that captures the essence of Japanese gastronomy. Here are some highlights from its culinary offerings:

Sushi Omakase: Tomi Sushi’s sushi omakase experience is a testament to its chefs’ culinary artistry and dedication. Guests are treated to an exquisite chef’s selection of sushi featuring the finest cuts of fish, expertly prepared and presented with artistic flair.

Signature Rolls: The restaurant’s signature sushi rolls are a fusion of tradition and innovation. Each creation showcases a symphony of flavors and textures that leave a lasting impression, from the vibrant Rainbow Roll to the decadent Dragon Roll.

Sashimi Platter: Tomi Sushi’s sashimi platter celebrates pristine, raw seafood. The selection of fresh, melt-in-your-mouth sashimi slices provides a sensory journey through the ocean’s bounty.

Tempura Delights: Crispy, light, and perfectly golden, Tomi Sushi’s tempura dishes are a delightful addition to any meal. Whether it’s tempura prawns or vegetables, the execution is flawless.

Chirashi Don: The Chirashi Don is a colorful and satisfying dish that combines a medley of sashimi atop a bed of seasoned rice. It’s a visual and culinary masterpiece that offers a harmonious blend of flavors.

Daily Specials: Tomi Sushi frequently introduces seasonal specials that showcase the freshest and most coveted ingredients, keeping the menu exciting and dynamic.

Tomi Sushi goes beyond mere sustenance; it serves as a doorway to culture, cherished memories, and profound connections. The meticulous preparation, communal sharing, and joyful savoring of each dish mirror our diverse world and the narratives woven through our palates. This universal language of flavors knows no boundaries, encouraging us to embark on an exploration, relish every moment, and revel in the vibrant tapestry of tastes that characterize our culinary voyage at Tomi Sushi Singapore

Our commitment to providing a memorable dining experience shines through in every bite, inviting you to savor the tapestry of flavors that define our menu. Whether you’re indulging in our sushi omakase or exploring our daily specials, we ensure that each visit to Tomi Sushi is a culinary journey to remember. Come and experience the art of Japanese cuisine at its finest, where every dish embodies our dedication to quality and authenticity.