Tomi Sushi Katong V

Tomi Sushi Katong is located in the heart of Katong, a traditional neighborhood in Singapore. The Tomi Sushi has a casual & laid-back atmosphere, and it offers a combination of seafood dishes, sushi, and sashimi.
Tomi Sushi Velocity Novena Square dish
Tomi Sushi Velocity Novena Square

Top Dishes at Tomi Sushi Katong V

  • Salmon Nigiri
  • Tuna Nigiri
  • Eel Nigiri
  • California Roll
  • Philadelphia Roll
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Unagi Donburi
  • Teriyaki Chicken Donburi
  • Beef Udon Donburi

Customer Reviews of Tomi Sushi Katong V

Tomi Sushi Katong V

Tomi Sushi
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Roxanne LeeRoxanne Lee
05:01 26 May 24
One of my favourite Japanese restaurants. Lots of different set lunches to choose from. Food was fresh and of high quality. Looking forward to the next visit.
Lawrence Lau KiangLawrence Lau Kiang
06:22 21 May 24
Ed TEd T
06:16 21 May 24
06:12 21 May 24
Fresh sashimi, good sized portion, great serviceWorth the visit
06:22 04 May 24
The other day, when I had lunch with a friend, a Japanese male waiter knocked over a tray of food from the person sitting next to me, breaking the tableware and cutting my finger. My seat and the floor were full of debris. Although the injury was not serious, I was terrified of the broken dishes and what would happen to those around me. . The female clerk kindly took care of me. I decided to throw away my clothes and sandals. I was still finishing my meal, but I stopped eating because I thought there might be some debris in it. My friend and I got a $20 discount on the bill...Why do I have to pay for a meal that was not finished due to the restaurant's carelessness after being injured? After that, I contacted the store, but even after I received a formal contact via email from the person in charge, Mr. Iwasaki, I received no response. I had been looking forward to the sushi at Tomizushi, but I was very disappointed in this response.
James TanJames Tan
12:30 17 Mar 24
Been wanting to dine here for a long time and finally had a chance to.Food was fresh and tasty! All food was cook perfectly and their sashimi so fresh!! Service was on point and welcoming.First time and definitely won’t be my last. 👍
Warren ChewWarren Chew
10:10 14 Mar 24
Salmon sashimi is so thick and succulent!
Paul WeePaul Wee
12:32 12 Mar 24
Lovely sushi, sashimi and other items! Our go-to place for whenever we next our Japanese fix.
Angus HornigoldAngus Hornigold
08:02 12 Mar 24
A little pricey and the atmosphere is a bit too modern for me. Service was good and so was the food
Melissa LeongMelissa Leong
15:18 28 Feb 24
We liked everything about this hidden and charming Japanese restaurant. We were sat by the counter which gave us quite a feel of dining in Japan itself, and the many Japanese patrons dining there provided street cred - it meant that the food should be quite good and authentic. The sushi was very fresh and my husband enjoyed his dinner set. Staff were friendly and served food promptly. We weren’t charged for tea nor wet towels which we thought was fantastic. Will definitely visit again when the Japanese food craving hits.
Sook Han LeeSook Han Lee
06:01 09 Feb 24
Visited on a Wednesday evening just before CNY. It wasn't too crowded.Had shime saba sashimi. Lightly vinegared and the saba was fresh. The vinegar was smooth.California maki was refreshing. It's the first time I've smelt and tasted the cucumber in California maki so clearly, and it's not a bad thing.Ebi ten maki was also good. The prawn was fresh.Natto maki had a nice nutty natto taste, and noticeably more moist natto than most places. Perhaps it's because there's more natto than elsewhere. The rice in the natto maki seemed a little moist than what I'd remember for sushi, so that was a tad disappointing.Tamago yaki was OK. It's the standard taste.Bei nasu dengaku (grilled eggplant with miso) was a pleasant surprise. The miso was rich and had a pleasant sweetness to it. Might be good with rice!Chawanmushi was smooth. It's the standard taste.Nabe yaki udon was great. The udon had a firm texture that held up the whole time. The broth was tasty (not salty) and they had a generous 4 pieces of chicken inside (enough for 4 small serving bowls of udon). It also came with 2 tempura prawns. Nice and freshly fried.Staff were helpful. It was an enjoyable experience.
Wie b lWie b l
12:41 08 Feb 24
This is a place where you can go often, the menu is extensive. Before I go on, the food taste is outstanding for 90% of the dishes.The service at the entrance is attentive and they have Japanese service and kitchen staff. The ambience of the place is classically Japanese, very neat, clean and woody--in the modern sense.I love the nabeyaki udon, I've not tasted an udon soup that is so balanced, and the udon is so chewy! All the ingredients are so "captured" in the soup, so that it is very wholesome and rich.The sushi is also very good, the rice is a bit soft. For this aspect the Sens Dining at Holland V is superior, the rice is crystalline and sweet (subtly). The California Make, the Ebiten, Natto Sushi and Inari, is very good.The Sashimi is fresh, as I was told is dipped in vinegar, so it gives slightly fresh and sour taste (in a good way!). The meat is taut and delightful. They have 2 different soya sauce, one for sashimi and the other for sushi! The fragrance of the vinegar is quite remarkable, unique and memorable. The marination with vinegar gives the sushi a round taste--very pleasant!The attention to detail is very impressive, the service staff would bring out the food when we have cleared our plates (small table), so that the table is not cramped.I would definitely go back to this place. I strongly recommend it. For the weekend, please book a day ahead, so that you won't be disappointed.
Tay Wee HianTay Wee Hian
06:32 07 Feb 24
To be honest, the food was fresh and decent. But the service really needs a VAST IMPROVEMENT!Wrong order taken, but insist is the customer fault. Wanted to remove a rice from the set as we couldn’t finish and had ordered an Ala carte portion, but was informed not able to as it is prepared. The staff offered to void the Ala carte order for us but in the end when we called for the bill, it was not removed and the staff argued and insisted that we had eaten. But the rice was not served actually. Leaving us confused about what was being conveyed previously. It was meant to be a birthday celebration but end up note being happy. The only saving grace on service was Ayumi, who was polite and attentive to our needs. The other service staffs were just not up to par!Don’t think will return anytime soon! Pretty upset on the service. One of the worse I encountered.
Angel CheongAngel Cheong
07:59 16 Jan 24
Ban LeeBan Lee
06:20 08 Jan 24
Perrine CavatPerrine Cavat
15:55 04 Dec 23
Fresh and delicious sashimi, talented chefs
Chinese MoonChinese Moon
13:28 03 Dec 23
Our go to place for Japanese. Always cheerful service with a smile and very fresh ingredients. Service is fast and food is outstanding. Sashimi is fresh and cut right thickness. The sets are really value for money with chawanmushi and miso soup plus fruits.
Jocelyn LimJocelyn Lim
22:43 30 Nov 23
Went for business lunch with an vendor. Dishes we ordered were fresh and delicious. If happen to be around the area, will drop in to dine again.
Brent BakerBrent Baker
08:28 19 Nov 23
sel selsel sel
07:03 12 Nov 23
Come here for birthday celebration, & it didn’t disappoint me, foods is good, especially sushi, the chef Jeffery served me well!
vian chan foovian chan foo
06:44 07 Nov 23
Everything was fine except for the waitress. She actually took a dirty plate filled with tissue from the next table and put it on my daughter’s tray which was still sitting on our table before she picked up the tray and removed it from our table. I find this totally unacceptable. How can you take somebody’s else’s trash and put it on our table even if it was for 2 seconds. If this is the food court, it’s fine but this is a restaurant.
Chester LeeChester Lee
14:49 05 Nov 23
Food is pretty good and portion is decent. Definitely worth a visit if in the area. Staff is prompt in serving and taking orders too
Christian RivestChristian Rivest
07:22 04 Nov 23
Mats LingbladMats Lingblad
01:42 03 Nov 23
Food is good, but the pricing is not right. Yen has depreciated 25% during the last couple of years.Old - four starsVery good Value for money.Added: Damn, the toro price was a promotional price
Catherine EeCatherine Ee
10:13 01 Nov 23
hw limhw lim
10:59 27 Oct 23
I am surprised that so many bad reviews about the services yet no one from management take any action to handle that and worst no remorse at all to even bother to apologize. Really the best service ever!! Why do people still want to continue to patronize this place? Please boycott already
Zack AngZack Ang
13:00 22 Oct 23
Jenkins ChngJenkins Chng
11:05 29 Sep 23
My favorite go to place for fresh sashimi and sushi.
FS ChongFS Chong
14:20 17 Sep 23
Wei Thye NgWei Thye Ng
11:29 08 Sep 23
10:00 20 Aug 23
Unique Japanese restaurant in East Coast area, serving highly authentic and delectable Japanese cuisine including their renowned sushi, sashimi and other highly popular items at reasonable prices, highly recommended!
Ravinder SinghRavinder Singh
02:56 13 Aug 23
Nice food.
Evi WibawaEvi Wibawa
00:15 12 Aug 23
Yvonne TayYvonne Tay
14:59 09 Aug 23
Tomi Sushi never fails. Our go to dinner wherever we fancy home style Japanese food.
Kevin AngKevin Ang
10:17 08 Aug 23
One of the best value for money sushi in Singapore given quality and price. Especially the case during lunch when lunch sets available. Popularity of this place speaks by itself.
Quak Yong ShengQuak Yong Sheng
15:00 01 Aug 23
I must say the sashimi are really tasty and fresh. The rice which is very important base for all sushi is done well and I enjoyed it.For 2 adults, we had ordered Kanpachi sashimi,One uni chutoro nigiri set, can’t remember the exact name.One Maguro Don with maguro, chutoro and negitoro,1 side dish, 1 karaage chicken, 1 fresh grated wasabi, 1 green tea and 1 highball.Overall cost works out to be about $205 with service charge and gst. About 100 plus per paxSo quality of the food is good but the price is considerably high. And the portion of the maguro Don was quite small. I left the place with like only 70% full and had to settle for instant noodle back home.
Wong Teck JungWong Teck Jung
07:48 11 Jul 23
The quality of the Japanese food here was a pleasant surprise. I would recommend trying the tamagoyaki and unagi don. Both dishes were delicious and well-prepared.
John MuziJohn Muzi
13:52 13 Jun 23
We are back at Toni Sushi after a few years. I am glad Tomi Sushi survived COVID-19. The food is just as good as ever. We enjoyed our favourites. I must say some of the servings are a little small. May be due to increase cost.Wish you success. We will be back again.
Lance TayLance Tay
03:43 14 Apr 23
Very good quality Japanese meals on the mid upper price range. Usually full and requires reservations unless at the bar counter.There was a 50 off maguro promo when visited for lunch